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YOUGO is a business commited to providing drivers and passengers with a first rate level of service and satisfaction. We are a UK business, based and serving APP users in the South West.

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A revolutionary new Taxi App. YOUGO provide licenced drivers through a Ride Hailing platform with Tracking, Sharing and Payment all built in. It is taxi app booking made simple!

In or entering Taunton, Weston-super-Mare, Exeter, and Plymouth Taxi markets.

Prime Locations​

We are based in locations that others are not. Bringing an advanced Taxi App to Taunton, the first Weston-super-Mare Taxi App, although not the first Exeter Taxi App we are the best, and the Plymouth Taxi App market is a target for 2020 expansion.​.

Minimalist Design​

No fuss, easy to use, and accessible for all. We built a clean, clear, and effective way for people of all ages and technical abilities to request a ride.​

Security Is Paramount​

Drivers are brought into the YOUGO family only after meeting the company Directors. No other Taxi App has the same personal reassurance.​

Lightning Fast Bookings​

We have devoted all of our resources to a streamlined system, with focus only on one area..Taxi Booking, we're able to out perform the rest.​


The APP has been designed to be lightweight, and effective. It's quick, easy, and simple to master.


Immediately following the booking confirmation both the number plate and driver profile are available to view..


The YOUGO APP uses advanced tracking algorithms. Frequently updated location markers ensure you know exactly where your ride is when you need it.


Payment direct through the Taxi APP cuts out the fuss. No change, no worries, our drivers are comfortable in a cashless car.

Our Services

App Bookings

We are a beautiful Taxi Application with an intuitive user interface. Put simply, we help people to get places without the need for complexity or tiresome manual taxi bookings.

Corporate Accounts

A Corporate Portal ensures our business users have complete control of their journeys and the journeys of their employees or clients.

Airport Transfers

To keep giving our passengers more value, special trip tariffs exist from operating zones such as Taunton or Exeter, to Airports around the UK.

Train Station Transfers

We use local drivers, they know the local roads. More than 2.5 billion ins and outs happened throughout the UK's train stations last year. That's a lot of people in need of a high quality taxi service by APP.

Keep up to speed with your ride

We have special offers and giveaways regularly. We enter into new areas as we expand, and we love to be social about it.

Drive with us


We demand quality, but offer the best terms for drivers…


YOUGO Taxi Driver

About Us

Above all, we are a taxi app provider that is either established in, or growing into:

Taunton, Somerset

Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset

Bristol, Avon

Exeter, Devon

Plymouth, Devon

Big enough to provide the service, yet small enough to care.

In 2019 we started by providing taxis in Taunton, Somerset. This was before growing in to the Exeter Taxi market which granted YOUGO an operators licence in mid-2019, our view was to then expand into Plymouth, Bristol, Cheltenham and the Weston-super-Mare Taxi markets by 2021.

As demand from passengers grew, YOUGO needed to expand software capability. In 2020, YOUGO finished first in a Global competition for aspiring Taxi start-ups, the reward being a funded mobile application with unlimited bandwidth and capabilities that rival the world renowned Taxi Applications such as Uber and Lyft. 

With our brand new YOUGO app launch in Q.4 2020, YOUGO will have the ability to provide drivers and passengers with a local service, from a global platform.

Even with our new software, we continue to believe in people, YOUGO rely on our passengers enjoying their experience, yet we know we are only as good as those that choose to drive with us. This principle runs through our recruitment, putting customer experience and security first.

As Directors of a small business, we are in the fortunate position of being able to personally interview, check and monitor every driver we work with. No other Taxi App can make this promise.

Every YOUGO driver is hand selected, licenced and tracked. The YOUGO APP allows passengers to see driver profiles, their reviews and their overall experience. Embrace a new way, increased service in less time. It’s our future of how to taxi.

Investment has been driven into developing an application that is easier, faster, and more reliable for our passengers. We, our drivers, and our technology do everything to ensure that when you decide YOUGO by Taxi… you keep going!

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Very fast response, accuracy and high level service!
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Anna Karczewska
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Great experience, good service and driver extremely helpful and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend using this app!
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James Robertson
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