Got your own vehicle or need one arranged?

We don't own vehicles, but if you need a taxi arranged then we can put you in touch with our recommended suppliers for a great rental deal to get you on the road, fast.

Lowest commission in the entire Taxi industry!

We are building a business around drivers, we are also a small Limited company in the UK, as such we can work on lower margins and pass the difference back to our drivers. There are less people taking chunks from your pie! You'll be delighted to earn more through YOUGO than anyone else.

Leading Mobile Taxi App

It's not only our passengers who have a top quality app at their fingertips. Our drivers are gifted an application that neatly fits around their working day and main objectives. We take feedback seriously, and have created the perfect tool for you to earn more as a taxi driver.

Earn more money

YOUGO is committed to generating passenger trips for our drivers, without which we know our drivers will not be happy. Take advantage of a growing user base and increasing earning pontential for drivers.

Become a Taxi Driver

Drive with YOUGO

Are you an experienced Taxi Driver or even a driver that is new to the industry?

We are a local Taxi App, built to provide passengers with taxis in Taunton, Exeter, Weston-super-Mare, and Plymouth.

Our APP is designed to bring great drivers and great riders together.

We understand that the Taxi and Private Hire industry is a historic industry to be specialising in. We are not looking to change the way you do business, we are not looking to cap driver earnings, we are certainly not looking forward to driverless vehicles. Instead, we want to provide the public with a reliable, easily booked taxi service, using local, high quality drivers.

Driver Earnings, Safety and Convenience are at the heart of what we do, and as a small business with big ideas we can assure you of quality work and a leading application to drive your value.

To read more about YOUGO, to understand the company and what we do, visit our home page. To register interest as a YOUGO Driver, complete the form below. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours. 

YOUGO Taxi Driver

Make more money from Taxi Driving


Most frequent questions and answers

If you have a Hackney or Private Hire Licence within the districts we operate, you can provide credentials and pass our suitability interview, yes, we would like to hear from you.

Our application is provided free to drivers working with YOUGO. We will provide full application training prior to your launch, but no cost is incurred before money is made.

The great thing about YOUGO is not having to restrict yourself to our schedule. You are self-employed, you can work around your family or other commitments without it negatively impacting your potential to earn through our relationship.

I downloaded one of the first Taxi Apps available through a firm in the Weston-super-Mare. I didn’t want to call a taxi and had been used to using Uber in other areas of the UK. I was appalled by the service, the tracking was non-existent, my driver changed 2 times, and when my driver did arrive he complained to me that the application makes it impossible for him to do his job.

As a customer, a passenger, a client even, I felt that there must be a better way, and with that the idea for YOUGO was born.

Yes. Our App provides the opportunity to make tips. The Rider will have the opportunity to tip following the completion of the trip. Again, we do all we can to make YOUGO as profitable for our drivers as possible.

Yes! To grow and bring more passengers through our app we need more drivers providing an efficient and high quality service.

We are currently looking for Taxi Drivers in Taunton, Exeter, Plymouth, and Weston-super-Mare.

If you are friendly, trustworthy, and committed to good service we would be delighted to have you.

For more information on becoming a Taxi driver CLICK HERE