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Local Taxis in Taunton

YOUGO use local drivers who know the roads of Taunton. Even with the convenience of booking by app, we still hand pick Taxi drivers that know the local area. Need a Taunton Taxi service, download our App!

The First Taunton Taxi App

YOUGO were the first Taxi firm to bring a dedicated Taxi App to Taunton. Since being established in 2019, we have supported hundreds of passengers and provided thousands of trips in and around Taunton.

Convenient & Secure Payment by Card

If you're here as a tourist or a local, we have convenient payment options through securely processing and storing credit card information in our App.

Taunton Train and Airport Transfers

Transfers organised without the fuss. A key benefit to using YOUGO's Taxi App is the ability to store booking confirmation and precisely track the drivers journey to your door, removing the hassle of the no-show taxi.


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s really straight forward, you can download the app from HERE if you have an Apple mobile and HERE if you have an Android.

From there, enter you details, make a login and before you know it you’ll be seeing the Taunton Taxi drivers we have available.

Actually quite the opposite. Since starting to provide Taxis in Taunton in 2019 we have purposely kept the tariff below the metered rate. We are one of the few Taxi companies in Taunton to do this.

We would be delighted. There is nothing our drivers like more than an Airport Transfer. Bristol Airport and Exeter Airport are among the most common, but if you need a Taxi from Taunton to Heathrow Airport, we’d be just as happy. Simply download the App and book as normal. 

Yes! We are one of the few, if not the only (from our experience) company with Taxis in Taunton that offers fixed quotes prior to travel, it’s another way YOUGO can be transparent. 

Great question. You don’t have to, but if you’re comfortable and enjoyed the journey you can discreetly tip the driver via the app after your Taxi journey has completed.

If you are friendly, trustworthy, and committed to good service we would be delighted to have you.

For more information on becoming a Taxi driver CLICK HERE

Things to do in Taunton

Taunton Cricket Ground
Hestercombe House

Taunton is a beautiful town, the largest town in Somerset, and as with so many places in the South West, there are plenty of places to go if you have a reliable Taxi Service to take you.

Taunton to Bridgewater Canal

A wonderful place in Taunton to spend a day. Walk and explore 50 acres of English heritage, home, and gardens.
A scenic journey, the house is roughly 15 minutes by Taxi from Taunton town centre.

The home stadium for Somerset County Cricket Club. A real gem for Taunton, bringing many a sports fan to the town.
As our Taxi drivers are all locals of Taunton, chances are they would enjoy discussing the cricket whilst on route as well.

During times of war and of peace, the Somerset Military Museum helps the story of Somerset’s brave regiments unfold. Visitors to the museum learn of the formation and development of Somerset’s regiments and tells of why soldiers fight for their county and country.

Set in the heart of Taunton, The Museum of Somerset occupies a 12th century Taunton Castle. The museum holds records detailing history from prehistoric times to the present day, interactive games, film projections, and recordings of Somerset people, past and present.

Our taxi drivers are often in and around central Taunton, meaning you rarely have to wait long for YOUGO to collect your party when done.

The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre offers a varied program of events for all ages including drama, dance, comedy, music, workshops, exhibitions, and poetry.
Whatever your reason for traveling to the Brewhouse Theatre, whatever the time, book our Taxi drivers in Taunton through our App with ease.

To the north of Taunton, the Quantock Hills was the country’s first appointed Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The area stretches twelve by four miles and is the perfect destination for ramblers exploring peaks and wooded valleys. Great on foot or bicycle.

Our Taunton Taxi service is well-positioned to collect from hotels or homes in Taunton and taxi your party to the hills for a great day out.

South of the town centre, Vivary Park is Taunton’s pride when it comes to central parks.
Whether looking for model railways, miniature golf, tennis, or playground, Vivary Park has it all, even an 18-hole golf course for serious players.
Vivary Park is very central, our drivers know it well and will inform you which of the many entrances will be best for your party.

Opened in 1827, the canal links Taunton and Bridgwater. Alongside this canal runs a 15-mile path used by cyclists and pedestrians.
A beautifully scenic walk/ride, this journey is a must for visitors of Taunton. And of course, if the 15 miles back is too much, YOUGO’s Taunton Taxi service is always on App to help.

YOUGO in Taunton

The idea for YOUGO started in December of 2018. The aspiration to build a Taxi App to rival the likes of Uber, but use local drivers in towns and cities within the South West of the UK came from a poor personal experience catching a Taxi in Weston-super-Mare. 

YOUGO was first meant to launch in Weston-super-Mare in early 2019, however due to having a better response from drivers and potential future passengers in Taunton, the decision was made to launch a dedicated App based Taxi service in Taunton in April of 2019.

YOUGO hit the road with an initial 8 drivers, this number increased with demand and finally reached 15 drivers prior to a temporary interruption of our services to upgrade our mobile application. At this this time YOUGO was a Taxi App providing immediate and pre-booked Taxi travel throughout Taunton and Somerset, as well as many Airport Transfers, particularly Taunton to Bristol Airport Taxi transfers.

Towards the end of 2019, we temporarily removed the Taxi services in Taunton to build software around a more robust application. We are delighted to announce that we have since won a global competition for businesses offering digital solutions within the Taxi industry. With this accolade we have increased brand awareness and acquired software to rival the tracking, security, convenience and user experience of the world’s largest mobile applications.

As a small business, we care about our company, our drivers, and our passengers, personally.

We thank Taunton for having us back, and look forward to many successful years as a provider of Taxis in Taunton.

With Thanks… The YOUGO Team

Join over a thousand others and download our Taunton Taxi App

We are a local company with local ideas, supporting local Taxi drivers, transporting local passengers, and going an extra mile in Taunton.



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